If you ask me one question, I bet it will be this.

So, what’s my favorite? What do I recommend most frequently?

  1. Easy to use and very intuitive, which means there’s a low barrier for entry and just getting started
  2. All the fields you need, but no bloat (task name, description, sub-tasks, date and time stamped comments)
  3. Natural language parsing for dates
  4. Email-to-task functionality (forward an email and it automatically becomes a task)
  5. Calendar sync
  6. Voice entry! (This makes adding a new blog idea to my backlog while I’m on a run super easy!)
  7. Tons of features, but they don’t get in the way or take away from the ease of use:
  • Built-in habit tracker? Check!
  • Pomodoro timer? Yep!
  • Tagging? You betcha!
  • Templates? Yesss! (You know I love a good template, right?)

Now, is TickTick right for everyone?

Not sure if you want to give it a try?

Do you like free stuff?

Got any more questions for me? Let me know!

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